We make software that helps you market, sell, and deliver your digital content.

Since 2010, over 20,000 people have made more than $200 million using our software to share their knowledge with the world. Now, it's your turn.

Our Products

The New Kajabi

With The New Kajabi, you get everything you need to build your online business, in one platform. This is a complete replacement to the platform we launched 5 years ago, and it's going to REVOLUTIONIZE the industry once again. Sign up at the link below to join the waiting list...

Go To The.NewKajabi.com

Kajabi Next

Use Kajabi Next to quickly build online courses that look great on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Just upload some content, set a price, and collect money straight into your bank account. As long as you have something to teach, you can start getting paid right now. No technology know-how required!

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Use Megaphone to easily create marketing pages so good people will think you hired a six-figure designer. Instantly add your copy to over 120 of the most beautiful, high-converting marketing templates anywhere: signup pages, download pages, thank you pages, sales pages, special offer pages, training pages, launch pages, webinar pages, and many more.

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Our Story

Kajabi was founded in 2009 by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter, two friends tired of their “normal” corporate jobs who wanted to make some money on the side by selling training videos on the Internet. They realized that there was no easy solution that would allow people just like them to create a simple private content area and sell access to it, and so they created Kajabi.

Since its release, Kajabi has helped over 20,000 instructors teach over 5 million people and earn more than $125 million selling their digital content. Kajabi has been used to power massively popular online training from New York Times best-selling authors, motivational speakers, celebrity fitness trainers and diet experts, NFL and NBA players, as well as training from everyday “normal” people who just want to make some extra cash selling content about what they are good at.

Kajabi has a team of world-class developers, marketers, designers, and customer support enthusiasts working out of their custom-designed creative office space in Orange County, CA. Kajabi’s product suite has increased to include other software as well, but the goal remains the same: to make software that helps anyone easily sell and market their content online.

Meet the Team

We're a group of passionate, creative, and technical minds working hard to build marketing software our customers love using.

Each team member is involved in the design, development, and support of our products, as we understand the importance of every interaction the customer has with our platforms.

It's an honor to serve the best customers in the world, and we take that privilege to heart.

Kenny Rueter
Travis Rosser
Brendon Murphy
Jeremy Saenz
Greg Varsanyi
Ben Hays
Andy Huynh
Sam Croswell
Amber Purcell
Joe Henschel
Steve Nam
Leonard Yambao
Jordan Glenn
Andy Ortega
Jordie Saenz
Stacy Parker
Scotty Nelson
Justin Leveck
Court McFadzean
Katie Salzler
Adam Duchoviner
Todd Cisneros
Omar Leop

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